Houston Mesa Fire Department
"In Arizona's Beautiful Mogollon Rim Country"

The First Engine Our First Engine
This is the Mesa del Caballo Fire Department;s first engine, a 1958 Mack B85 Sedan Pumper. It was purchased from a volunteer department outside of Pittsburg, PA.
Engine 311

Engine 311
Engine 311 is a 1997 International/E-One, with a 1,250 GPM pump and a 1,000 gallon tank. It is equipped to handle wide variety of incidents, including structure fires, wildland fires, emergency medical calls, and physical rescues.

Engine 316

Engine 316
Engine 316 is a 2001 Dodge four-wheel-drive ICS Type 6 Engine, which carries 250 gallons of water and has a 100 GPM pump with a Class A foam system. The HMFD’s entire response area is wildland/urban interface, so it is important to have the off-road capabilities that the small Type 6 Engines offer.

Car 311

Car 311
Car 311 is a 2001 Jeep Cherokee, and serves as the Chief's assigned unit. It's small size and all weather four-wheel-drive capability make it an excellent vehicle for getting to medical incidents and wildland fires in the US Forest Service lands that surround the HMFD's primary service area. It is a former State of Arizona vehicle, which was purchased through the Arizona State Surplus program and converted into a emergency vehicle by HMFD personnel.


Water Tender 311
Water Tender 311 is a 2006 Freightliner M2, built by Truck Works, Inc. of Phoenix. It is rated as an ICS Type S3 Water Tender, with a diesel engine, automatic transmission, 2,250 gallon tank, and a 500GPM pump. It has pump-and-roll capability, has front spray bars, and carries a 3,000 gallon folding tank. As there are no hydrants in HMFD's coverage area, water tender operations are very important, and the small, two axle units are popular due to their short wheelbase and extreme maneuverability.


Ford/S & S
This 1978 Ford/S & S 3,000 gallon tanker was purchased from another fire department, and ran as Water Tender 311 for several years. But when the diesel engine went bad in mid-2008, it was determined that the truck was not worth the cost of repairing it, so it was taken to an equipment auction in Phoenix and sold. The truck doesn’t look too bad in this photo, but it was old enough and had enough things wrong with it that it was not longer fit for emergency service.

1989 Dodge
This 1989 Dodge Caravan minivan was originally a State of Arizona vehicle, and was purchased from State Surplus by another local fire department. The HMFD bought it from them, and it served the department for many years, first as the Chief’s vehicle, then later as the station “run around” car. It was used, misused, and abused until it literally started falling apart, but it never failed to start and run, and it always got better than 25 MPG. It was sold in 2004.

89 Dodge


1999 Ford Explorer
This 1999 Ford Explorer was purchased, used, and faithfully served as the Chief's vehicle from 2001 until mid-2008. With well over 100,000 miles on the odometer and needing major repairs, the vehicle was taken out of service and was sold and an equipment auction in Phoenix. The magnetic Fire Danger signs are put on fire trucks and other government vehicles throughout the region during the critical wildfire danger period, usually May and June.

1986 ICS Type 6
This 1986 Chevrolet ex-US Forest Service ICS Type 6 engine was provided to the HMFD on a "permanent loan" by the Arizona State Land Department. It ran as Brush 311 until it was replaced with a newer vehicle in 2004. The truck was given back to State Land, and it was reassigned to another local fire department, where it is still in service.



1978 Freightliner
This 1978 Freightliner with a 3,500 gallon tank was placed in service as Tanker 7 in 1993, and was renamed Water Tender 311 when the area numbering system was changed in 1998. It was taken out of emergency service in 2003 and was sold to a local construction company. Like many old trucks of it's type, this rig had a nine speed stick shift with no power steering, making it difficult to drive for volunteer firefighters who don't drive vehicles like this every day.

First Water Tender
This is the department's first water tender, which used to haul water and wastewater at a mine. It was almost eaten up by corrosion from the mine's caustic wastewater. The department has come a long way, hasn't it?

Old Engine


Mack B85
This is the Mesa del Caballo Fire Department's first engine, a 1958 Mack B85 Sedan Pumper, which was purchased from a volunteer department outside of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.