Houston Mesa Fire Department
"In Arizona's Beautiful Mogollon Rim Country"


Mailing Address:
8139 West Mescalero Road,
Payson, Arizona 85541-6154
Physical Address:
139 West Mescalero Road
Payson, Arizona 85541
Phone: 928.472.7908
FAX: 928.468.6150
Email: info@houstonmesafire.org
In Case of Emergency:
In Local Area: 9-1-1
Out of Area: 928-474-2211
In case of emergency:

Dial 9-1-1. Try to remain calm and answer the dispatcher's questions. The dispatcher needs to know what the type of emergency is and to confirm the exact location in order to assure that the appropriate units are dispatched. Stay on the phone with the dispatcher. Do not hang up on them! If you are calling from a "land line" phone, your number and location information will automatically come up on the dispatcher's computer screen, but the dispatcher will still need to confirm this to be sure that the information is accurate. If you are calling from a cell phone, the automatic location information does not work, and you have to tell the dispatcher where you are.

If the incident is a fire at your home, get everyone out of the house immediately and call from a neighbor's house. Do not go back inside! Make sure that all your family members are accounted for, and be sure to tell arriving firefighters, so that they don't take unnecessary risks searching for possible victims who aren't there.

If the incident is medical in nature, try to keep the patient calm and make them as comfortable as possible. It is usually best to leave them exactly where they are and not try to move them, unless of course they are in immediate danger. Try to have someone outside to meet arriving emergency personnel and guide them to the patient. Someone will be there in just a few minutes.
In Case of Emergancy:
In Local Area: 9-1-1
Out Of Area: 928.474.2211
"In Arizona's beautiful Mogollon Rim country"
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